General Data Protection Regulation

Privacy Notice 2018

Under the new GDPR coming into force today 25th May 2018, I am required by law to document what personal information I keep for all clients.

At the point of quotation, I will take your name, address & a contact telephone numbers, email address.

All previous (and future) clients have a quotation which records all the information above plus any soft furnishing orders you have requested and the date of that order. This information is held securely in email format which only myself and trusted staff have access to.

I am required to keep this information for legal and insurance purposes. All information is only kept for the time digestion of the order after initial communication, after which it will be securely destroyed unless you are still a client of mine with ongoing work.

You do have the right to see any information I keep and you can request that any data be changed or securely destroyed.

I do not use the information for anything other than to contact you regarding your appointment or to discuss matters relating to your soft furnishings requirements.

I will not pass your personal information to any third party.

I will not use your personal information for marketing purposes.

Any information given to me via the message service on my Facebook Page is only accessible by myself. Once I have written out your details on your quotation, I will delete any messages which contain personal information.

Any information you have given me via text message on my mobile phone is accessible only by myself and my phone is locked with a security code. Again once I have written your details out on your quotation, I will delete any messages which contain your personal information.

Thanks for reading.